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Crack in a foundation.

The Top 10 Signs Your Foundation May Be Failing

A solid foundation for your home is essential. However, several factors can compromise your home’s foundation integrity, leading to significant structural issues if not addressed in a timely manner. Early recognition of signs of foundation failure can save you from expensive repairs and ensure your home or building’s safety. In this blog, we will go through the top 10 signs that your foundation may be failing. How do I know if my foundation is failing? Please read on. This guide is brought to you by American Standard Foundation Repair, experts in foundation assessment and repair.

  1. Cracks in Walls: One of the most noticeable signs of foundation issues is the appearance of cracks in both interior and exterior walls. These cracks may start small but can gradually widen over time, indicating shifting or settling of the foundation.
  2. Uneven or Sloping Floors: If you have noticed that the floors in your home or building are not level or slope noticeably in certain areas, it could be an indication of foundation issues. Uneven floors usually result from uneven settling of the foundation beneath them.
  3. Doors and Windows Sticking: When the foundation of a building shifts, it can have a significant impact on the functionality of the windows and doors. The misalignment that occurs in the frames of these fixtures can cause difficulty when opening and closing them, leading to sticking or jamming. This can be a frustrating problem to deal with, but it is important to address it promptly to prevent further damage to the structure.
  4. Gaps Around Windows and Doors: When gaps exist around windows and doors, it may indicate foundation problems that have caused the frames to shift, allowing air and moisture to seep into the home or building.
  5. Sagging or Bowing Walls: If you observe that walls are sagging or bowing inwards, especially in the basement or crawl space, it may indicate significant foundation issues. Bowing walls suggest that the foundation is incapable of supporting the weight of the structure above.
  6. Cracks in the Foundation: When inspecting the exterior of your home or building, look for cracks in the foundation. Small hairline cracks may not indicate a problem, but larger or widening cracks should be cause for concern.
  7. Water Damage or Moisture Issues: Excess moisture or water damage in the basement or crawl space can lead to foundation problems. Signs of water intrusion include dampness, mold growth, or efflorescence (white powdery deposits) on foundation walls.
  8. Chimney Leaning or Tilting: A leaning or tilting chimney can be a sign of foundation settlement. As the foundation shifts, it can cause the chimney to become unaligned with the rest of the structure, posing a safety hazard.
  9. Exterior Brickwork Cracks: If you notice any cracks or crumbling in the brickwork on the exterior of a building, it could be a sign of underlying foundation issues. It is important to pay attention to any significant gaps or separations between the bricks, as these can be clear indications of foundation movement or damage. By identifying and addressing these issues early on, you can help prevent further damage to the building and ensure its safety.
  10. Standing Water Around the Foundation: It is important to direct water away from the foundation to avoid putting pressure on the walls and causing soil erosion. Ensure proper drainage systems are in place to prevent pooling water or areas of standing water near the foundation.

How Do You Know If Your Foundation is Failing? Call ASFR!

The foundation of a building or a home is a crucial part of its structure. If you notice any signs of foundation failure, it is important to address them promptly to prevent any further damage. Consulting with a professional foundation repair company in Memphis or Knoxville can help you identify and fix any issues early on. This can help preserve the structural integrity of your property and save you from costly repairs later. Always remember that a solid foundation is key to having a stable and secure structure. Please call us to schedule a free consultation if you feel your foundation may be failing.