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Commercial Wood Damage Repair

Protect your structure and foundation from unwanted moisture, pest infestation, and mold growth.

Wood can appear dammages of you see warps or insect bores.

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The greatest enemy of commercial building foundations and ground-level structures is excess moisture. While water places immense stress and pressure on a foundation, retaining walls, or basements, even small amounts of water can cause significant damage to wood construction materials. If you have wood that has been compromised by water and the multiple problems it causes and are experiencing warping, rot, or mold growth, we can give you a professional inspection and a range of repair options that address your specific needs.

In addition to rotting, bowing, and softening, water makes the wood much more attractive and accessible to wood-destroying insects. It also promotes mold, mildew, and fungus growth that can cause severe health issues and air quality hazards. Severe water intrusions into interior spaces often result in permanent damage to wooden structures as well as other porous materials. In some instances, even the most thorough cleaning of mold or fungal infestation cannot save wood construction materials.

Termites and other wood-destroying organisms constantly search for wood for food or habitats near water and soft soil that does not adequately drain.

Wood foundation or sill plate wooden foundation materials are typically installed against a concrete foundation base foundation. They can last a very long time, but moisture and even moderate warmth or heat can lead to wood rot that can progress quickly. If not addressed, rot can significantly damage an entire foundational structure. More severe rotting may require complete replacement. We can repair some wood damage with epoxies and other remedial steps.

When hazardous mold requires the removal of ruined wood and reconstruction, we remediate your building to comply with local building codes and to meet any environmental standards that may apply.

Of course, we recommend that you contract with a reputable professional pest control company to eliminate and prevent infestations to the extent possible. Insect-related damage can require repair and remediation and ongoing pest control. We work with your pest control company to identify damaged material that must be repaired or replaced.

Wood damaged by insects is sometimes often warped, buckled, or otherwise and has lost its ability to carry the structure’s load. Termite and ant-damaged wood are issues easily revealed by a simple visual inspection. Wood that feels soft or produces a hollow sound when tapped likely has significant damage. 

Apparent darkening or irregular markings are also typically sound evidence of water-related damage. Termites also cause darkening and disfigurement of the outside surface of the wood when they feed on the interior areas. Sheetrock can often show bubbles where termites eat the paper lining under the paint on this wall covering. In some cases, more invasive inspection is required to reveal the extent of internal damage to wooden material.

In addition to repairing damaged wood, our comprehensive approach to foundation issues includes assessing potential drainage issues so that you can avoid further water-related damage.

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