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Residential Foundation Repair

American Standard Foundation Repair provides expert inspections and engineering solutions for residential foundations.
Foundation stress cracks caused by soil erosion.

Cracks in brickwork or drywall are evidence of uneven foundation settling or stress.

Foundation stress can also show up as gaps around doorways and windows that have not been present in the past.

If you have seen signs of foundation issues inside or outside of your home, a professional inspection by the experts at American Standard Foundation Repair can let you know exactly where you stand with short-term and long-term problems and your best options for getting the proper repairs done promptly and in the most cost-effective way.

Whether your home is built on a concrete slab or a conventional foundation over a crawlspace, we can assess the unique conditions presented by various foundations, soil types, and lot terrain to help come up with the best solution for your situation.

What Can Cause Foundation Stress

Foundations typically become damaged because of unstable soils commonly found throughout the Mid-South. Unstable soils can shift, expand, and contract due to improper compaction and high moisture levels. Soil movement leads to uneven foundation settling across a house’s footprint, creating pressure on load-bearing structures over time.

Foundation Inspection and Repair Process

We use the Stabilipierâ„¢ Foundation Repair System, which is designed to lift exterior walls that have become displaced because of uneven settling or excessive hydrostatic pressure. This system allows us to drive piers deep into the earth to bear the weight of the home on dense soil in compact areas, providing stable points for securing walls for repairs and leveling.

Our inspection process involves identifying necessary repairs and analyzing the root causes of foundation damage and failures. We believe in providing recommendations for proper long-term solutions that maximize the life and value of your home.

Our owners have worked hard to develop a family-oriented corporate atmosphere, and we want our customers to be treated exactly how we would like to be treated. We discuss our findings with you without sales pitch techniques that push you into buying products or services you do not need. The itemized estimate you receive comes with the prices of the items we recommend, and after we follow up to ensure you have what you need from us, we leave the decision to you about how to proceed.

American Standard Foundation Repair is the premier firm in the Mid-South, providing expert inspections and engineering solutions for residential foundation repairs. Our offices in Memphis, Knoxville, and Rogers, AR, cover the region with our industry-leading reputation for complete customer service and satisfaction. Our repair specialists must be certified by the National Foundation Repair Association and pass the Certified Foundation Repair Specialist Exam before performing building inspections. Our owner, Jae Wells, currently serves as President of the National Foundation Repair Association.

American Standard Foundation Repair is the premier firm in the Mid-South, providing expert inspections and engineering solutions for residential foundation repairs.

Contact American Standard if you see evidence of foundation stress. Don’t let it lead to further structure damage. Our inspectors are experienced with advanced repair techniques and materials to provide you with the best repair recommendations.

Contact us today for an inispection to help you get the maximum life out of your home’s foundation.