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Commercial Basement Repair

American Standard Foundation Repair takes great pride in our problem-solving approach to finding the best repair solution.
Business basement storage area showing standing water collecting.

Our commitment to you drives us to provide the top customer service in the structural repair industry.

By their nature, basements vary widely from building to building, and because of different soil and moisture conditions, no two are ever the same. The condition of the above-ground part of a structure and the stresses it presents add to the complexity and make “one-method-fits-all” approaches inappropriate. Basements require a thorough structural inspection and the application of highly individualized remedial solutions. These so-called “solutions” that some companies may try to sell you over the phone or online could easily make problems with your basement even worse. American Standard Foundation Repair begins the process with an inspection that involves not only a plan to remediate damage, but an assessment of the causes of the damage.

Commercial building basements can flood throughout the year because water sources infiltrate subsurface structures. Basements that have cracked, bulging, or deformed walls are typically under significant stress from soil and water pushing against the basement wall, creating forces much more significant than it was designed to withstand. Heavy rains or rapid snowmelt can cause flooding, of course, but dry weather flooding is also common with exterior drainage or sewage system issues.

Solving Common Basement Repairs In Commercial or Industrial Businesses

Because basements are built partially or entirely below ground level, they are constantly at risk of being inundated with groundwater. Depending on the soil condition where your building is located and drainage changes, groundwater can rise above the level of the basement floor, creating pressure on the walls and seepage onto the floor. We use state-of-the-art equipment to excavate the perimeter of a basement structure and amend backfill materials to allow proper drainage. Plus, we help prevent the build-up of excessive hydrostatic pressure, which causes damage to basement structures.

Storm sewers and sanitary sewers under the ground can also directly affect groundwater levels adjacent to your basement. Gravity and pressure do their best to move groundwater outside your basement walls to the inside of your basement. We often remediate the external pressure by excavating old soil and clay to replace it with gravel, and fill material that promotes proper drainage and relieves the weight bearing. 

After excess pressure against the basement is relieved, we straighten and remediate walls that have gone out of plumb or are damaged. The repaired wall is typically protected with a new drainage system and a waterproof membrane barrier to prevent water intrusion through the wall. Depending on the extent of the damage to the basement wall, steel beams or a combination of epoxy and carbon fiber materials may be used to stabilize and strengthen the wall permanently. 

At American Standard Foundation Repair, we take great pride in our team’s problem-solving approach to finding the best options for repairing damaged structures. Our commitment to your total satisfaction drives us to provide the top customer service in the commercial structural repair industry.

We help with cracks in basement walls

Promoting drainage can prevent water issues

Contact us today with your questions or to schedule an inspection, and let us help you assess the best solution for your basement issues.