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Commercial Foundation Repair

You can turn to American Standard Foundation Repair for a top-rated professional inspection of your property and our best advice on your options.

If you own or manage a business that might need foundation repair due to settling or damage, questions about costs and feasibility are usually at the top of the list of concerns. You can turn to American Standard Foundation Repair for a top-rated professional inspection of your property and our best advice on your options.

Each American Standard Foundation Repair inspector is a Certified Foundation Repair Specialist and has passed a national exam certifying their competence in understanding a wide spectrum of foundation issues and the proper repair methods. At American Standard Foundation Repair, this level of knowledge is a minimum requirement upon which years of experience are coupled. No other company in the United States requires every inspector to hold this certification. 

Large warhouse like this can have a range of foundation problems if not carefully isnpected.

Signs Of Foundation Problems Common In Commercial Properties.

Light from Exterior In Wall Crack

Corner Seam Splitting

Wall Cracking At Seam

We are the top professional commercial foundation inspection and repair service provider.

Modern repair and restoration methods can often return full functionality and eliminate signs of foundation problems. We are experienced in commercial and industrial settings, including buildings, utility installations, oil rigs, and pipelines.

Foundations become damaged and lose stability, usually because of poor soil conditions. Our area has many loamy and silty soils that do not fare well over time, bearing a load of foundation materials, walls, and roofs.

Our area also has many distinct soil types, often underlying the same structure. Soil movement often happens as soils lose their ability to bear a structure’s weight, leading to sinking, foundation damage, and instability. Settling does not occur uniformly throughout a building’s entire foundation, many times resulting in extreme pressure and stress on the foundation.

Commercial foundation repair involves a broad spectrum of repair methods. The size and scope of a project’s needs are based on a complete inspection and testing. Standard repair options include pier underpinning, filling voids with industrial polyurethane materials, and crack repair using carbon fiber materials. 

We use the Stabilipier™ Foundation Repair System, the most advanced engineering, to repair unstable, cracked, or damaged foundations. The system is designed to attain maximum pier depth, which is the key to strength, stability, and soundness. We utilize concrete and steel systems designed to be effective in any type of soil and at any depth to achieve stability. While most companies attempt to utilize one system in all types of soil with any type of structure, each system should be utilized appropriately. Companies that use only one system rarely can maximize the effectiveness of repairs. Engineers and Certified Foundation Repair Specialists understand each repair method’s intricacies and can judge the appropriate repair method needed for your particular problem. 

The piers used in the Stabilipier™ Foundation Repair System are designed to avoid the curving and instability present with many other commonly used repair methods. The system also has a much smaller installation footprint than systems that use large trenching machines and heavy equipment that cause landscaping damage and take up much more space during the work.

If you have noticed sloped or cracked floors, cracked or damaged drywall, or doors and window frames that are out of square and do not open and close properly, your building’s foundation needs a professional inspection.

Contact us today, and let us help you get the most life out of your building.

American Standard Foundation Repair is the top professional commercial foundation repair service provider. From our locations in Memphis, TN, Knoxville, TN, and Rogers, AR, we bring our team of expert problem-solver engineers and our reputation for industry-leading customer service directly to your facility. Our repair specialists must be nationally certified and pass the Certified Foundation Repair Specialist Exam before performing building inspections. This stringent national exam allows our inspectors to demonstrate their knowledge of structural issues, prevention of damage, and the factors that affect the stability of structures as well as the remediation of damage. This is the only national exam in our profession, and it is difficult to pass. We are very proud to have nine inspectors who are Certified Foundation Repair Specialists currently.