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Residential Crawl Space Encapsulation

Protect your foundation from unwanted moisture, pest infestation, mold growth, and improve energy efficiency

Crawl space detail showing a cleanup and repair.


Modern crawl space encapsulation is a one-time repair modification for homes with conventional pier and beam foundations that shields soil and foundation materials from unwanted moisture, protects against pest infestation and mold growth, and improves energy efficiency throughout your home. The material we use creates a durable barrier against moisture and the trouble that excess humidity brings to entire residential structures from below.

Modern materials allow installation professionals to seal off open foundation spaces from surface runoff, evaporating humidity from the soil, and uncontrolled intake of humid air that remains stagnant inside the crawl space.




Crawl Space Encapsulation Benefits

Encapsulation insulates piers and walls while helping prevent the intake of air from the crawl space into the interior of your home. This primary layer of protection supports your home’s other insulation and HVAC system, making year-round climate control less expensive and more effective.

Removing humidity from your crawl space is a superb first defense against pest infestation. Wet and exposed soil infuses wood and porous surfaces with humidity that attracts termites, other wood-destroying insects, wasps, hornets, rodents, and spiders.

Moist surfaces also promote the growth of mold, mildew, and fungi that damage air quality throughout your home and present health hazards, especially for children, the elderly, and anyone with compromised immune systems.

Crawl spaces that have not been encapsulated typically have a base layer of the soil structure that was present before your home was built. Our region’s soil types hold moisture throughout the year and transports water, draining through and across your property into the air. It can get even get in your crawl space if it is not sealed off from the soil and adequately ventilated.

If your home has experienced previous foundation issues, mold growth, or pest infestation, encapsulation can provide some permanent solutions after the existing damage has been repaired.

However, you may have excess humidity issues even if you haven’t noticed those sorts of problems. Our professional inspection of your foundation and water management plan allows us to assess whether your home is a good candidate for some level of encapsulation.

Encapsulation also helps us ensure that your crawl space is adequately ventilated to prevent humid exterior air from entering the area underneath your home and remaining stagnant there.

Our process includes providing existing ventilation ports are in working order and adding additional vents if necessary.

After your crawl space is sealed and dehumidified, it can provide newfound dry and clean storage space for equipment and other items that can tolerate heat and cold conditions.

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