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Commercial Concrete Service

Our concrete experts work tirelessly to give our customers the best structural and foundation options.

New foundation showing concrete pouring.

High-quality concrete is essential to a sound and stable foundation, along with surrounding hardscapes.

In addition to being integral to load-bearing walls and foundations, it is the unmatched industrial standard for hard commercial surfaces, indoors and out. Concrete works as a standard rough gray permanent feature or a custom-designed surface for a cosmetic appeal or heavy-duty uses.

Our professional staff of foundation experts has decades of experience in inspecting existing structures, performing cosmetic and structural repairs, and designing and installing foundations, retaining walls, spillways, driveways, and sidewalks. It is highly versatile and used in permanent commercial hardscaping and constructing and repairing commercial buildings.

Concrete is highly versatile

 Concrete has been used in various forms since ancient times. Roman engineers used early mortar formulations to build roads and bridges that still exist today. Modern materials began to be implemented two centuries ago when cement was developed with water and sand to form hard material. Modern science and engineering continue to refine the manufacturing process in ways that provide virtually unlimited options for pouring suitable material that serves multiple construction needs.

Concrete is highly versatile in applications where support and resistance to hydrostatic pressure are essential. Whether in piers, slabs, basement retaining walls, or other structures that hold back or divert water, it resists moisture’s unrelenting pressure. Whereas bricks and blocks can suffer structural damage at mortared joints from extended pressures, concrete provides a more continuous solid surface custom-fitted to provide maximum support.

Strength and stability

For foundations and hardscapes

Building a better foundation

Concrete outperforms wood materials

Residential concrete is used where strength and stability are important, and is typically reinforced with an internal steel skeletal framework. Steel and concrete work together to provide superior engineering functionality because they have opposite physical reactions to tension and compression. The reinforcing effect of the two materials helps make foundation and load-bearing structures less brittle and longer-lasting.

Concrete outperforms wood materials and even timbers in many ways when used in construction applications around your property. It lasts much longer for curbing and edging without moving and is much easier to maintain and work around. It is impervious to insects, termites, and animal pest intrusion.

Cosmetic concrete applications can be designed in various colors and textures to fit the artistic design choices you make for new hardscaping or to match as closely as possible existing construction or natural features.

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