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Concrete and Asphalt Services

Concrete is the standard for heavy-duty, load-bearing material that can be formed to fit the variety of terrain and design requirements throughout our region.

Concrete is highly versatile in applications where support and resistance to hydrostatic pressure are essential. Whether in piers, slabs, basement retaining walls, or other structures that hold back or divert water, it resists moisture’s unrelenting pressure.

Residential and commercial concrete works as an unbeatable choice for a solid foundation that lasts for many years and as a custom-designed surface with aesthetic appeal for design choices across the spectrum.

New foundation showing concrete pouring.

Contact The Concrete and Asphalt Experts at American Standard Foundation Repair

American Standard Foundation Repair is the leading foundation repair and remediation firm serving the Mid-South from our Memphis, Knoxville, and Rogers, AR offices. We provide unmatched customer service that emphasizes effective communication and an unending effort to provide total satisfaction. Our owner, Jae Wells, serves as president of the National Foundation Repair Association and leads the way in providing cost-effective and long-lasting solutions to fellow homeowners.