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Commercial Structural Leveling

Protect your foundation from unwanted moisture, pest infestation, mold growth, and improve energy efficiency

Commercial structures like this one can experience uneven leveling over time.

Over time commercial buildings are prone to uneven leveling that can cause structural problems.

Conventional commercial buildings typically experience uneven settlement across their foundation during their lifespan. Over time, water table changes, drainage, erosion, and soil shifting lead to uneven weight distribution that causes sagging and stress resulting in uneven floors.

When a building’s floor begins to sag to the extent that it is noticeable, the condition typically worsens over time rather than remaining static. Once the weight starts to stress weaker areas, problems can cascade if not corrected. Some signs that your foundation is out of level include cracks on exterior stairs, diagonal cracks on your inside walls, shifting of baseboards and crown molding, doors and windows that do not open and close properly, and much more.

Sagging and unlevel floors are dangerous to workers, customers, and contribute to structural fatigue.

The most prevalent risk of liability for injury in a commercial building is slip and fall injuries, and uneven flooring is the leading cause of those accidents. Leveling a commercial building that has developed this sagging or shifting helps ensure that no single part of the foundation bears more weight than it can handle, preserves stability, and avoids additional damage. American Standard Foundation Repair uses several leveling technologies when the building is stabilized.

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