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Tellico Plain, Tennessee

Tellico Plains sits in the shadows of the mighty Cherokee National Forest in Southeast Tennessee. This little town, with a population just shy of 800 people, boasts a rich history and an atmosphere that strikes a perfect balance between outdoor adventure and small-town comfort.

The Cherokee people were the original inhabitants of these lands, calling the area Great Tellico and using it as a significant hunting ground. European settlers started claiming the territory in the late 1700s, and Tellico Plains took shape during the 19th century as both a farming community and an outpost for logging operations in the surrounding mountains. The Tellico River was the lifeline, used to transport logs downstream.

Tellico Plains might be tiny, but don’t let its size fool you. We’ve got a friendly spirit and plenty of places to keep you busy. Grab a bite to eat at Tellico Grains Bakery, serving up fresh pastries, pizzas, and some of the best coffee around. Need a caffeine fix and a place to stay? Head on over to Trout Mountain Coffeehouse & Inn, where you can sip a perfectly brewed latte and spend a luxurious night. Charles Hall Museum and its collection of artifacts and exhibits chronicle the vibrant history of the area.

If it’s outdoor thrills you seek, Bald River Falls is a must-see. This 100-foot waterfall cascades through lush greenery, easily accessible via a short, scenic hike. The Cherohala Skyway offers up breathtaking panoramic views of the mountains – it’s a favorite with motorcyclists and anyone who appreciates a good scenic drive.

We love a good story, especially if it’s got a spooky twist. Rumors of hauntings run rampant, especially around the old Tellico Ranger Station. Built in the 1930s, the abandoned building is said to echo with disembodied footsteps and mysterious lights. If you’re a fan of the paranormal, maybe plan a ghost hunting trip.

You might be surprised to learn this area is known for producing some top-notch trout. Cast a line in the Tellico River for a chance to reel in a real prize. For a full day of family-friendly fun, head over to Benton Falls. This picturesque waterfall features a swimming hole perfect for splashing around on those hot Tennessee summer days.

Each spring, the city comes alive with the Tellico Trout Festival. Celebrate the area’s prized trout with fishing competitions, live music, mouthwatering food vendors, and a whole lot of family fun. Anglers of all ages flock to this event, hoping to land the biggest catch and maybe even a trophy. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or just enjoy a lively festival atmosphere, the Trout Festival is a must-do.

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