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Rockwood, Tennessee

Rockwood began as a bold collaboration between a Union general and a Confederate captain in the late 1800s. Both visionaries saw the potential for harnessing the area’s rich coal and iron ore deposits to fuel industrial growth. The Rockwood Iron Company put the town on the map, shaping its early development. Today, it retains a spirit of innovation while being surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Cumberland Plateau.

With a population of around 5,400 residents, the city offers a blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. You’ll find neighborhoods lined with historic homes as well as more recent developments. Community events like summer concert series and festivals throughout the year foster a sense of togetherness. Residents are proud of their local sports teams, and the high school football games are often a big draw for the entire town. We believe in supporting the locally-owned establishments that give the city its distinctive character. Browse for unique treasures at Downtown Treasures, pick up all your fishing & outdoor gear needs at Emory River Tackle, or listen to some live music at Cofer’s Garage.

The Rockwood Model Railroaders bring together enthusiasts of all ages with a passion for model trains. This unique club offers a space for members to share knowledge, collaborate on intricate layouts, and celebrate the art of model railroading. Their detailed recreations of historical and fictional scenes captivate the imagination, fostering a community spirit and preserving the rich tradition of railroading through miniature worlds.

For those seeking culinary adventures, there are some wonderful choices. Sample the classic American fare at Longhorn, try the flavorful Mexican dishes at El Patron, or share a wood-fired pizza and pasta at Pizza Station. Don’t miss Bubba’s Bakery Pastries & Coffee Cafe, known for its delightful baked goods and custom cakes.

History enthusiasts will enjoy delving into Rockwood’s past at sites like the Roane County Heritage Commission. For those who love the great outdoors, nearby Frozen Head State Park and the Cumberland Trail offer miles of hiking trails with breathtaking mountain views. Paddlers can explore the Watts Bar Lake waterways right from Rockwood’s waterfront. If you’re seeking a truly unique adventure, take a trip to the Lost Sea Adventure, located near Sweetwater, TN, where you can explore an extensive cave system including America’s largest underground lake.

Rockwood has some fascinating bits of trivia up its sleeve. Did you know that it was one of the first towns in the nation to be founded on a temperance philosophy, meaning alcohol was originally banned within the city? Or that its iconic clock tower was once struck by lightning, leading to a town-wide effort for its restoration? There are even whispers of ghostly activity in some of Rockwood’s older buildings, adding a touch of intrigue to its history.

Rockwood homeowners know that the region’s soil poses a potential challenge. Clay-rich soils tend to expand and contract with changing moisture levels, which can sometimes affect foundations. Signs of foundation trouble might include cracked walls, uneven floors, or windows and doors that become difficult to open or close.

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