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Jacksboro, Tennessee

Jacksboro’s history dates back to the early 19th century when it was originally known as Walnut Grove. The city played a significant role in the Civil War, being the home of the 5th Cavalry Battalion. Its historical significance is reflected in its well-preserved architecture and landmarks. Legend has it that the historic Campbell County Courthouse, built in 1890, is haunted by the spirit of a former judge. While unverified, this tale adds an air of mystery to the city’s storied past.

With a population of around 2,300 residents, Jacksboro has experienced steady growth over the years. Its diverse demographic makeup contributes to a lively cultural scene that blends old traditions with new influences. One beloved local tradition is the annual Jacksboro Christmas Parade, where residents gather to celebrate the holiday season with festive floats and cheerful camaraderie. Experience the Lakeside of the Smokies Balloonfest with live entertainment, the Nine Lakes Wine Garden, food truck courts, a kids’ fair, craft vendors, and more! Join us for a vibrant event packed with fun activities and attractions against the scenic backdrop of the Smokies.

Jacksboro is nestled in the picturesque Cumberland Plateau region. Notably, Cove Lake State Park, with its serene lake and hiking trails, offers residents and visitors a place of natural beauty and outdoor recreation. In addition to Cove Lake State Park, the city boasts the stunning Norris Lake, offering boating, fishing, and water activities for all to enjoy. Visitors can explore the Campbell County Historical Society Museum, which showcases artifacts and stories from the city’s rich past.

Jacksboro’s economy is powered by a mix of industries. Manufacturers like Longmire Machine & Mfg. Corp, renowned for their high-quality products, contribute to the city’s economic growth. Food enthusiasts can savor Southern flavors at Katie‚Äôs Carry Out And Catering, a beloved local eatery known for its mouthwatering biscuits and gravy.

Due to the city’s unique topography and frequent rainfall, issues such as foundation settling, crawl space moisture, and improper water drainage are common challenges faced by homeowners. Addressing foundation and drainage issues promptly is crucial to preventing further damage to homes and ensuring their long-term stability.

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