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Basement Crack Repair

American Standard Foundation Repair takes great pride in our problem-solving approach to finding the best repair solution.
This cracked basment is a sign of stress on the coundation

We bring decades of expertise in basement repair to the table.

Our homes rest on the firm foundation beneath, often unnoticed, but when an issue such as basement cracks arise, they demand immediate attention. For the good folks living in Tennessee and the adjacent regions of Arkansas and Mississippi, American Standard Foundation Repair offers a trusted, reliable solution to these pressing concerns.

When you have questions about basement repair we’re here to help.

Basement crack on a red wall

Brick wall with cracks

Crack in the basement


Why Choose American Standard Foundation Repair

We bring decades of expertise to the table. Our roots are firmly planted in Tennessee soil, enabling us to understand the unique conditions that often lead to basement cracks in our region. We’re more than just a repair service – we’re a team of locals committed to protecting and preserving our community’s homes.

Understanding Basement Cracks

Basement cracks often occur due to the local soil’s unique attributes. The prevalent clay soil in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi is known for its expansive characteristics when wet and its contractive nature when dry. These soil movements can lead to basement cracks. Left unchecked, these seemingly small cracks can evolve into significant structural problems threatening your property’s safety and value.

Our Approach To Repairing Basement Cracks

At American Standard Foundation Repair, we have developed an exhaustive, customer-centric approach to tackle basement cracks.

Initial Inspection and Analysis: Our process begins with a comprehensive inspection of your basement, identifying the cause and severity of the cracks present. We don’t just look at the cracks; we investigate to understand the bigger picture – the why and the how.

Treatment Planning: Based on our inspection findings, we develop a repair plan tailored to your property’s unique needs, considering factors like soil type, building structure, and the extent of the damage. This custom approach allows us to address the root cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Execution and Follow-up: Our team meticulously implements the repair plan, using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. Once the repair is complete, we conduct follow-up checks to ensure the cracks are properly addressed and to verify the effectiveness of our interventions. Our job isn’t finished until we’re satisfied that we’ve provided a lasting solution.

Why Immediate Repair of Basement Cracks is Crucial

Ignoring basement cracks may lead to significant risks, from escalated repair costs to potential safety hazards. Early detection followed by professional intervention can halt further damage, thereby ensuring your property’s structural integrity and longevity. By choosing American Standard Foundation Repair, you’re selecting a blend of quality, reliability, and security. With us, you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands.
We recognize that you may have many questions regarding basement crack repair. To help, we’ve provided answers to some common queries:
  • What causes basement cracks?

    Basement cracks are primarily caused by soil issues in our region, specifically the expansive and contractive nature of clay soil. Other factors can include poor construction, building age, and natural disasters.
  • How can I tell if my basement needs repairs?

    Signs to look out for include visible basement cracks, uneven floors, sticking doors, and windows.
  • Is basement crack repair covered by insurance?

    Most homeowner’s insurance does not cover basement crack repairs, but we recommend checking your specific policy.
  • How long does it take to repair basement cracks?

    The duration can vary based on the severity of the issue and the repair method used. Most repairs can be completed within a few days to a week.
  • What does basement crack repair cost?

    The cost will depend on the damage extent and the repair technique employed. We provide a detailed estimate before commencing work.

Services We Offer: Apart from specializing in basement crack repairs, we offer a range of services to address soil-related issues such as soil stabilization and French drain installations. Our team is also proficient in carrying out crawl space repairs and waterproofing tasks. We strive to provide all-inclusive solutions that improve the health and longevity of your property, ultimately giving you peace of mind.

Don’t let basement cracks compromise the safety of your home.

Contact us today for a free estimate or to schedule a thorough inspection. Trust American Standard Foundation Repair to bring expertise, commitment, and peace of mind to your doorstep.