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Maryville, Tennessee

At first glance, you might think Maryville is just another quaint southern town, but it holds tales and stories that have helped shape its unique character. Founded in 1785, it’s named after Mary Grainger Blount, the wife of the territorial governor. The benevolent spirit that roams Maryville College is a cherished legend, whispered among students and faculty. This ethereal presence, believed to be a former student or staff member, watches over the institution. It subtly intervenes, offering guidance in times of need, a reassuring breeze on tough days, or the return of lost belongings. Its steadfast presence during challenges and celebrations alike reminds the Maryville College community of its enduring spirit, binding past, present, and future in a comforting embrace.

 Your taste buds are in for a treat in Maryville. For breakfast, venture into Pistol Creek Café, known for its creamy grits and robust coffees. Their biscuits and gravy are the talk of the town – soft, flaky biscuits draped in a rich and savory gravy. And for those with a sweet tooth? You can’t leave without a stop at Vienna Coffee House, where their pastries are as rich in flavor as the history of Maryville itself. The cinnamon rolls, glazed with just the right amount of sweetness, pair perfectly with their artisanal brews.

Amidst the historical sites and natural wonders, Maryville boasts a tapestry of businesses that add to its vibrant community. Maryville Bike & Trail is not just a store but an institution for cycling enthusiasts. Serving the community for decades, it’s not only where you’d get the best gear but also where you’d hear the best stories of trails, routes, and adventures. The Blount County Arts and Crafts Guild is a vibrant collective of artists and artisans in Blount County. This organization fosters creativity, providing a platform for local talent to showcase their work and engage with the community. Through exhibitions and events, they enrich the cultural fabric of the region, celebrating artistic expression. And then there’s Dandy Lions Gifts. Just like its pun-filled name suggests, this boutique offers quirky, unique, and delightful finds. From handcrafted jewelry to whimsical home decor, there’s always something to catch your eye.

 Nature lovers rejoice! Maryville is a stone’s throw away from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The park beckons with its lush landscapes, misty mountains, and diverse wildlife. And for those keen on hiking, trails like Cades Cove and Abrams Falls offer experiences ranging from serene walks to challenging hikes.

 History aficionados will find solace in the Blount County Historical Museum, a repository of artifacts, documents, and photographs that chronicle the area’s rich history. Not far off, the Sam Houston Historic Schoolhouse stands as a testament to early American education, named after the famous statesman and military leader who once taught there.

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