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Harriman, Tennessee

Harriman, Tennessee, started its life in the late 1800s as a planned community fueled by a vision of temperance and industry. Its founder, Frederick Gates, aimed to create a city free from the influence of alcohol, where coal mining and manufacturing would form the backbone of a thriving economy. The city saw early prosperity, and its unique founding story left a lasting mark.

Today, Harriman has evolved into a charming East Tennessee town that blends historic roots with a modern outlook.

With a population of around 6,000 residents, Harriman retains a sense of community while offering a mix of distinct neighborhoods. You might find yourself admiring Victorian-era homes in the historic downtown area or exploring the newer developments that cater to families and those seeking a quieter pace of life. Annual events like the May Day Festival or seasonal celebrations bring the community together, fostering a neighborly spirit.

From unique antique shops to cozy cafes, Harriman boasts a variety of independently owned businesses that contribute to its distinctive charm. Stop by The Front Porch for locally made gifts and home décor, fuel your adventures at the popular Gather Coffee Lounge, or pick up a cherished new read from The Book Eddy. When we support these local establishments, we invest in the heart of Harriman.

When it’s time to eat, Harriman offers a pleasing selection of culinary choices. Get a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine at El Patron, where the fajitas and margaritas are a hit. For a classic American diner experience, Roane Street Grill whips up comforting breakfasts and hearty sandwiches. Feeling adventurous? Head over to Bella Hibachi and Sushi for a hibachi dinner filled with delicious theatrics.

Harriman blends easy access to outdoor recreation with a smattering of intriguing attractions. Soak up the natural beauty at Pine Ridge Park, offering picnic spots and walking trails, or tackle the diverse terrain at the Emory River Trail System. History enthusiasts can dive into Harriman’s coal mining legacy at the Wheat Community. Families love spending a day at the playful Riverfront Park, complete with splash pads and a scenic riverwalk.

Like many historic towns, Harriman has its share of fascinating tidbits and whispered ghost stories. The grand Emory Inn, once a bustling hotel, is now rumored to harbor otherworldly guests. Did you know that Harriman was one of the first “dry” cities in the nation, established based on a strict temperance philosophy? Some quirky local traditions, like the annual Christmas in July celebration in nearby Rockwood, remind us of the playful spirit of the region.

Homeowners in Harriman need to be aware of the unique composition of the soil in the area. The prevalence of clay-like soil can create challenges for basements and foundations. As the soil expands and contracts based on moisture levels, homeowners may notice potential signs of foundation issues: cracks in interior or exterior walls, uneven floors, or doors and windows that become difficult to open and close.

The team at American Standard Foundation Repair understands the specific challenges that Harriman homeowners face with their soil conditions. If you’ve observed any signs of foundation trouble, don’t let the problem worsen. We provide thorough assessments to identify the underlying cause of the issue and tailor a repair plan specifically for your home. Our solutions are designed to restore structural integrity, protect your investment, and give you peace of mind.

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